Vango Mining's business model aligns with important core values such as abiding to regulatory requirements, operating as a transparent resource company, manifest environmental conservancy and deliver shareholder value. Most importantly, health and safety is a priority because we protect our most vital assets - our people. 
Health and Safety
We are committed to provide and maintain safe work sites for employees, contractors, subcontractors and visitors by providing a working environment where all practicable measures are taken to ensure persons are not exposed to risk of injury or harm to health.
Our commitment is to:
  • Ensure that everyone knows their obligations and rely on senior managers to provide visible leadership and commitment.
  • Provide an OH&S system based on identifying, assessing, reporting and managing hazards.
  • Comply with all applicable legislative standards and other relevant requirements.
  • Develop skills and knowledge of our employees through inductions and training programmes with the aim to eliminate and other relevant requirements.
  • Ensure that objectives and targets are set, communicated and regularly reviewed so that we can continually improve.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with our people, seeking a high level of participation and encourage all employees to raise any issue relating to safety.
  • Report and thoroughly investigate all incidents and implement corrective action to prevent recurrence.
  • Provide the resources necessary to implement this policy.
  • Review on an annual basis its Work Health and Safety Management System to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
Fitness for Work Policy
Vango Mining Limited has a duty of care to ensure all employees and contractors are fit for work while they are on our work sites or undertaking activities on our behalf. The Company recognises that an individual's fitness for work may be affected by various factors including, but not limited to the adverse effects of fatigue, stress, alcohol or other drugs, and through its Integrated Management System manual and associated processes shall provide a framework and guidance to manage these difficult and often sensitive issues.
Our commitment is to:
  • Take all reasonable precautions during the recruitment and employment phases, to ensure that employees and contractors are free from risk of injury or illness caused by themselves or others not being fit for work.
  • Ensure that all employees deemed unfit for work are dealt within an effective, fair and constructive manner.
  • Provide and maintain employee awareness of the relevant policy and procedures.
  • Monitor compliance with and enforcement of this policy and any associated procedures, including drug and alcohol testing.
  • Promote responsible behaviour amongst our employees and contractors.
Environmental Policy
Vango Mining Limited is committed to conducting our business activities in a way that minimises environmental risk and wherever practicable to eliminate adverse effects on the environment.  
To meet our commitment, we will:
  • Ensure that everyone knows their obligations and rely on senior managers to provide visible leadership and commitment.
  • Provide an Environmental; Management System based on identifying, assessing, reporting and managing risks.
  • Aim to continually improve environmental performance by ensuring that objectives and targets are set, communicated, regularly reviewed and incorporated into specific project requirements. 
  • Prevention of pollution is a consideration in all our activities.
  • Comply with all applicable legislative standards and other relevant requirements.
  • Only do business with suppliers and subcontractors who commit to and support our Environmental Policy.
  • Develop skills and knowledge of our employees through inductions and training programmes. 
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Vango Mining Limited will endeavour to ensure that in the application of all company policies, practices and procedures, no discrimination takes place and that all employees and contractors enjoy equal access to opportunities within the organisation. The basis of employment decisions is the individual merit of our people.
The Company's commitment is to:
  • Ensure all employees are treated fairly.
  • Keep all policies and procedures consistent with Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) principles.
  • Augment employee morale and motivation by increasing staff confidence in the fairness of our human resource practices and access to employment opportunities.
  • Ensure achievement of our objectives through our EEO programme which includes the training of employees on EEO and related issues.
  • Our staff will be recruited and have access to future promotion based on merit and fairness.
  • We expect all contractors working on our sites to have policies and procedures in place which will ensure that all their employees are treated no lease fairly than our own.
Quality Policy
We are committed to providing quality products, services and innovative solutions that meet and exceed where reasonably practicable, our customers' expectations from initial enquiry through to final delivery and/or implementation. Quality assurance is seen as a critical and market competitive advantage to our business.
Vango Mining Limited will strive the ensure the effectiveness of these products , services and solutions through the implementation and continual improvement of our quality management systems by:
  • Maintaining confidence in the reliability of our products and services by establishing quality control systems that ensure product consistency and service delivery.
  • Establishing quality criteria in the design and development phase to ensure product consistency, performance  and safety.
  • Implementing and audit, plus review process that ensures compliance to legislation and standards, meets the organisations objectives and targets, and ensures continual improvement.
  • Providing appropriate personnel, infrastructure and systems resources to ensure the effective implementation and continual improvement of the quality system.
  • Ensuring the needs and expectations of our customers are clearly understood and achieved by encouraging continuous feedback from our clients.
  • Ensuring our employees are competent to perform their required tasks through ongoing education, training and supervision whilst promoting opportunity to further develop their potential. 
​​Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policy
We are committed to ensuring that the working environment is free from harassment, discrimination, bullying, and workplace violence. Vango Mining Limited considers all types of harassment, discrimination, bullying and workplace violence to be unacceptable form of behaviours that will not be tolerated under under circumstances.  The Company believes all employees should be treated with respect, fairly and in a reasonable way. Harassment, discrimination, bullying and workplace violence are illegal under a range of Federal and State legislations.
Vango Mining Limited is thereby committed to ensuring that:
  • Harassment, discrimination, bullying and workplace violence complaints are treated seriously.
  • Complaints are attended to promptly and confidentially.
  • Complaints are investigated impartially.
  • Actions is taken to ensure that misconduct does not continue.
  • Complainants and witnesses are not victimised in any way.